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To Matusz-Vad Plc., one of the leading frozen food trade companies in Hungary, and also a determining supplier of the Hungarian HoReCa (Hotels-Restaurants-Catering) sector in the means of frozen goods. When I launched the company in 1994 -as a one-man enterprise-, all the things that has come true by now, was only a dream. The firm, supplying some restaurants with wild meat near Győr, has developed into a big frozen food dealer company working with 2 own cold-stores, counting 3000 satisfied customers, and having more than 600 kinds of qualitative frozen food to offer. The exploitation of the opportunities offered by the catering industry made us possible to satisfy the gastronomic demands with high standard product portfolio and services.

The most important mission of Matusz-Vad Plc. is to help the development of the Hungarian gastronomy and catering units with well-known brands, permanent, reliable quality and practical packing.

The key of the catering industry and our company is the continuous renewals and the constant innovative endeavors. All the processes inside Matusz-Vad Plc. are built up on this basis. Unique ideas, modern initiations prepossess all the activities of the company, starting from renewing the range of the products, and the curiosities through the newer and newer extra services until the unique, self-developed IT-system. We have always played a leading role in making innovations – comparing with our concurrencies -, I’d rather call our company a market determiner and not a market follower. Our plants are equipped with the most modern technologies and are being developed by continuous investments. Beside these factors, our fast adjustment to the changing market demands and our excellent professionals represent a guarantee of a precise, reliable and efficient service for our partners.

The past more than one and a half decade brightly reflects the success of our company, during this time thousands of companies and enterprises joined the group of our satisfied customers. Meanwhile, we have reached a very stable position in the national market of the frozen food, in a continuously changing economic environment where our main goal is to satisfy maximally our partners’ demands and contribute to their successes.

Our latest magazine

Matusz-Vad became a Hungarian Brand

Honor of the Hungarian product

This is the third time that the jury of independent professionals has decided upon which brands are allowed to wear the MagyarBrands trademark for Business Brands. Based on the committee's decision, they considered the brand Matusz-Vad to be worthy of wearing the Business MagyarBrands 2012 recognition.

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